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The Perfect Push Up

Push-Ups have to be one of the biggest staples in the health and fitness world. They are everywhere and there are all kinds of variations out there as well. Now, before you get fancy, you want to make sure that you have the basic foundations down FIRST!

Little do people realize, but the push-up is basically a dynamic plank! So, if you can’t do a good plank - you have no business doing a regular push-up.

How do you do a perfect push-up?

1| Start on your hands and knees and “tuck your tail” to help get you into that neutral spine

2| Step out into the plank position

3| Push through all of the corners of your hands to get a solid base

4| Think about pushing the ground away from you to prevent sinking down/collapsing between your shoulder blades

5| Keep that neutral spine as you lower down

6| Let your elbows go out to a 45 angle from your body

Get this basic one down first and THEN you can start playing with variations on the push-up.

If you struggle to do a basic one, work on your planks, and try a modified push-up (from your knees or on incline) while keeping those other technique tips in mind.


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