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The Perfect Lunge

Lunges are a great leg exercise, but I think people underestimate how challenging they are to do correctly.

These are actually one of the more complex/advanced exercises because they are have us changing our base of support during the exercise (from 2 feet to 1 foot to a split stance and back) vs. something like a squat (feet just over hip width apart the whole way through).

So how do you do the perfect lunge?

1| Have your feet about hip width apart

2| Make sure you have good control of your feet and ankles (if you struggle to stand on one foot, try a split squat instead of a


3| As you put your weight on to the front leg, make sure that your knee doesn't collapse in

4| Some forwards movement of your knee over your ankle is OK (contrary to popular belief this is NOT the worst thing in the

world! It is not recommended, however, if you are dealing with a new ACL injury)

5| Let your trunk bend forwards slightly (it helps to fire up those glutes a bit more, which helps to offload the knee)

For those adding weights: think "create space in your torso" - don't let the weights cause a collapse in your middle (forwards or backwards). You should be able to take a breath easily.

Happy Lunging!

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