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The Perfect KB Windmill

OK Windmill’s might just be one of my absolute favorite exercises out there! There is so much tucked into this one little exercise that you get a great bang for your buck!

This is definitely one of the more complex movements as we move through a couple different planes, which is why it is so important to get that technique down before you load it up!

So how do you do the perfect windmill?

1| Feet shoulder width apart

2| Turn the foot opposite of the arm reaching up out a little bit (about 45 degrees)

3| Allow your hips to push out to the side with the arm reaching up (shifting your weight more onto that leg)

4| Let the opposite knee bend slightly as you reach down to the bottom of the movement

5| Keep your eyes on that hand reaching up

6| Keep that spine neutral and hinge at your hips

7| Only go down as far as your body allows (go slow & maintain control)

Practice this one with just your body weight until you get the flow of the movement (fun tip - try just to balance a shoe on your hand as you go through the movement). Once it feels good, then try adding in some light weight.

Enjoy the burn!

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