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Move Better.

This is the first pillar of Velocity PT for a reason. Proper movement IS the foundation of performance - and here's why.

A lot of athletics require endurance, strength, power, speed, and so on. How is it that proper mobility links into these? Well, that requires a brief physics lesson (I know, I know, but bear with me here).

All of these things require Energy. For our purpose we have two types of energy:

1) Potential Energy - the energy present based on the body's position.

2) Kinetic Energy - the energy present due to the body's motion.

During movement, potential energy is converted into kinetic energy - the more you can store, the more you can transfer into your movement. An easy example is the golf swing. The better the back swing, the faster the club speed and the further the ball goes.

What happens if something isn't moving enough? We get an "energy block".

And if something moves too much? We get an "energy leak".

Boom - performance decreases.

The way that we perform our best is if we use the energy that we have in the most efficient way possible. If we can transfer energy without "blocks" or "leaks" we can run longer, hit harder, and generate more power.

THIS is why I spend so much time and focus on figuring out what isn't moving properly and why.

So the next question is "what causes movement to be dysfunctional?"

Again, I'll oversimplify things and break it down into 3 reasons that movement isn't functional:

1) Joint mobility issues

2) Tissue extensibility issues

3) Stability / Motor control issues

Simple right? Well unfortunately, the catch is that it's almost never just one of these things happening. It's all of them. My job is to assess which of these are occurring, where, and then to create a treatment plan (heavy emphasis on the exercises) to address them.

So how do you know if you're moving well? Movement Screens are a great place to start!

Movement Screens give us a quick glimpse at your basic capacity for movement, give us direction for exercise suggestions, and let us know if further assessment is needed - insert physio here :)

If you're interested in lining up a screen for yourself or your team - contact me!

In the meantime, if you're looking for exercise ideas to try to help you #MoveBetter, follow along on Facebook/Instagram, and keep your eyes peeled for the latest blog posts. I'll be posting videos full of exercise suggestions and dropping some serious knowledge bombs to get you started!

First up - Unlocking your Thoracic Spine! #comingsoon

#VelocityPT #GetBetterFaster

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